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Suggest or demand that your children's school celebrate the United Nation's September 21st International Day of Peace!
Instructors should teach about Peace Heroes, the value of peace, and tolerance towards all. Plenty of teaching materials are available at the UN's website, the Teaching Tolerance website and many others (please see Peace Links).

Plan your own September 21st Peace Day celebration!
Peace starts at home. Plan a party, meet friends in a park, celebrate at your place of worship. Whatever feels right to you and your family. It is important to acknowledge that you are thinking about peace and that world peace is possible in time.

Celebrate at your local comedy club!
Call or email your local comedy club and let them know about "Stand-Up For International Peace" Tell them about this website so they can join in (at no cost to their facility). It helps gain attention for Peace Day and fills their club with peaceful people. We only ask that the club hand out a two-page brochure that explains about peace day, the UN's important work and asks for voluntary donations to the World Food Program (online at the UN's website).

Teach Peace!
If you are a teacher, please use the contact us button. We are looking for your ideas of how to teach peace to children (and adults). We need to form a grassroots organization to promote teaching peace in schools all year (not just on Peace Day). It is important for all like-minded people to connect together and work peace education into the official school curriculum. Until that day, we can all teach peace with shared ideas.

Promote Peace!
It is important that you celebrate Peace Day to inspire a new generation of peace thinkers, teachers and activists. It is essential for all of us to realize that World Peace Is Possible in time.

Donate To Help End World Hunger!
It is hard to focus on peace if you live in a place where people are dying of starvation (yet we live in such a place).

Please give to your favorite charity. A good place to start is the UN's World Food Program at (read more about world hunger and use their donate online button). You can save lives and contribute to world peace!

Please use the contact us button with your suggestions.

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